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60 years old and retiring with no savings
People Think They Need $1.46 Million to Retire—They're Not Saving Enough To Get There
Housing subdivision in Houston, Texas.
Half of US Homeowners and Renters Say They Struggle To Pay Housing Costs, Redfin Reports
Customers visit the American Mall dream mall during Black Friday
Retirement Savings Suffered, Debt Mounted for Households in Q1, Survey Says
A family touring a house
How Commission Settlement With Realtors Could Change Homebuying
Gen Z Is Paying More To Rent Than Millennials Did at Same Age, Study Shows
A woman working at a computer
Some Student Loan Borrowers Face April 30 Deadline To Qualify For Forgiveness
An insurance adjuster takes pictures atop a roof stripped of its tiles in Hollywood, Florida, on Sept. 28 after a reported tornado touched down overnight.
Here's Where Homeowners' Insurance Premiums Are The Most Expensive
Young couple buying new house, handshaking with realtor in agreement
It's Cheaper To Rent Than Buy a Starter Home, Says
House for sale in California.
What Would it Take for Houses to Be Affordable in the U.S. Again?
A couple unpacking boxes in a kitchen
Home Sales Rallied in February, Buoyed By Rising Inventory
 Traders work at the New York Stock Exchange
Individual Investors' Optimism Grows, Albeit Cautiously, as Stocks Back Off Highs
A woman goes over paperwork
A Record Number Of Vanguard Savers Tapped 401ks for Emergency Funds In 2023
Senior couple planning retirement
Most Americans Worry About Retirement, Say Congress Should Act on Social Security Funding
Bar graph showing how much you can earn with $5,000 in a high-yield savings account, assuming different APYs from 3% to 5.5%, and comparing those to earnings from the national average rate of 0.46%.
How Much Can I Earn With $5,000 in a High-Yield Savings Account?
A monitor displays Fair Isaac Inc. (FICO) signage on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, U.S., on Friday, Oct. 20, 2017.
Average Credit Scores Worsened For First Time In A Decade, FICO Says
Senior Couple Meeting With Male Financial Advisor At Home
Retirement Account Balances Hit Their Highest Levels in Nearly Two Years
A woman filing her taxes online
Taxpayers In 12 States Can File Online With The IRS Starting Monday
For sale sign in front of a house.
U.S. Homes Got A $2 Trillion Value Boost In 2023
Bar graph showing what the average tax refund of $3,207 would be worth if you saved in a high-yield account or a CD.
Getting a Tax Refund? Here's How to Turn It Into a Larger Sum
Bar graph showing how the best CDs pay better rates than current I bond rates
Still Have I Bonds? March 1 Is a Smart Time to Swap Them for a CD
 Woman holding credit card
Credit Card Interest Rates Hit Record Highs in the US, Says CFPB
Capital One and Discover credit cards arranged in Germantown, New York, US, on Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024.
How the Capital One-Discover Merger Could Affect Consumers
Young woman looking at laptop on her kitchen island
Of the Biggest U.S. Banks, These Pay the Best CD Rates Now—Up to 5.50%
Young man sitting on living room couch and looking intently at his smartphone
Savings Accounts Are Paying Record Rates Today, Feb. 13, 2024. How Long Will They Last?
A woman reviewing bills
How Much Debt Are Americans Really In?
Black man intently studying his laptop at home
Have I Bonds More Than a Year Old? You May Want to Cash Them in on Feb. 1
A happy, excited woman looks at a laptop on a sofa.
Earn Up to $600 by Opening a New Huntington Bank Checking Account
A "We Finance" sign is posted at an auto dealership in California.
Auto Loan Delinquencies Hit 13-Year High As Monthly Car Payments Get Bigger
A person uses a credit card to buy something online. Credit card in hand close up
Credit Card Debt Put More Pressure on Households in the Fourth Quarter
Young Asian couple studying laptop together at home
Will Mortgage Rates Fall in 2024? What Yesterday's Fed Announcement Tells Us
New York Stock Exchange Jan 24, 2024
Individual Investors Warming to the Rally as Markets Touch New Highs
Young womany in her living room looking intently at her laptop with a slight smile
It’s Not Too Late to Open a CD. Rates Are Still Remarkable.
Suburban houses
Housing Market Froze Deeper In December
Mature woman with long blond hair using laptop while sitting at the table at home
Will CD Rates Return to 6%?
A man unloading a moving van
More People Took Out Mortgages Last Week As Rates Fell
The Chase bank logo above ATMs, taken in Manhattan
Federal Financial Watchdog Wants To Cut Overdraft Fees To As Little As $3
A family of four eating dinner at home
These Are The Costs of Family Life—To The Dollar
A student studies in the library of a college.
White House Accelerates Plans to Forgive Certain Student Loans
Young white couple on living room couch intently studying laptop together
Savings Account vs. CD: What’s the Smarter Choice Right Now?
People walk outside of the Internal Revenue Service headquarters in Washington, DC.
IRS Says 2024 Tax Season Will Start on Jan. 29
Average Personal Loan Interest Rate: Week of Jan. 8, 2024
Average Personal Loan Rates Edge Up
Busy Self checkout vs busy cashier check out at Target Store, Queens, New York.
Credit Card Debt Surged To Fresh Record High in November
Young latino man smiling as he looks at his smartphone
Apple Boosts High-Yield Savings Account Rate for a Second Time in 2 Weeks (January 2024)
College students attending a lecture
2024 Will Bring Big Changes to Student Loans
Woman shopping online with a laptop near a Christmas tree with presents
Consumers Set New Online Holiday Shopping Record
Young Black woman looking intently at her tablet while sitting at her kitchen table.
Apple Has Raised Its Savings Account Rate. At 4.25%, How Does It Compare?
Average Personal Loan Interest Rate: Week of Jan. 1, 2024
Average Personal Loan Rates Drop to Begin the New Year
Young Asian couple making financial bills payment via electronic banking on iPad.
More Financially Stressed Americans Making Better Budgeting a New Year’s Resolution
Average Personal Loan Interest Rate: Week of Dec. 25
Average Personal Loan Rates End The Year Flat
A For Sale sign displayed in front of a home.
Lock-In Effect Grows Larger for Homeowners with Low Mortgage Rates
A for sale sign sits in front of a house as a front end loader removes feet of snow from a residential street in Draper, Utah, on February 23, 2023.
Case-Shiller Home Index Shows Prices Jumped at Highest Rate of 2023
A displaced damaged mobilhome is seen in the middle of a road in Steinhatchee, Florida on August 30, 2023 after Hurricane Idalia made landfall. Idalia slammed into northwest Florida as an "extremely dangerous" Category 3 storm early Wednesday, buffeting coastal communities with cascades of water as officials warned of "catastrophic" flooding in parts of the southern US state.
The Costs Of Climate Change Are Already Here: In Your Homeowners Insurance Bill
Home for sale
Homes Still at Unaffordable Highs Despite Settling Prices
A male bank manager talks to a woman at the bank counter.
Overdraft and Nonsufficient Fund Fees Affect Those Struggling Financially The Most
A woman pushes her daughter on a swing
Homebuyers Saved $62 A Month On Payments In November As Mortgage Rates Fell
For sale sign in front of house in Florida
Existing Home Sales Beat Expectations In November
Young woman in red sweater looking at her laptop in her holiday-decorated living room
Still Holding I Bonds? Jan. 1 Could Be Your Ideal Date to Cash Them In
Couple paying bills
5 Things Investors Should Think About for 2024, According to Financial Advisors
Two women reviewing paperwork with a smartphone and laptop at home
5 Biggest Personal Finance Stories of 2023
Judge banging gavel in court
5 Biggest Lawsuits in 2023 That Could Hit Your Wallet